The Scottish Household Survey

The Scottish Household Survey (SHS) is an annual survey of over 10,000 households. It covers a range of different topics including your home, your neighbourhood and your views on local public services.

The Scottish Government, local councils and various charities use the results to improve the lives of people in your area and across Scotland. The survey has been running since 1999 and is independent of all political parties.

The survey interview is in two parts. The first part asks the owner or main tenant (or partner) about their home and their household. The second part asks a random adult about a range of topics including their neighbourhood, use of transport and local services. Afterwards, some people who take part in the survey will be asked if they would be willing for a surveyor to conduct a non-intrusive survey of their home to assess its energy efficiency and condition, at a day and time that suits them.

Taking part is important and easy

HELP IMPROVE SCOTLAND. The survey has run since 1999. It has helped shaped various public services over that time.

WE CANNOT REPLACE YOU. In order to get a true picture of all types of people living in Scotland, we have chosen your address at random. This means we cannot ask someone else to replace you as this would bias the results.

TOO BUSY?. We are totally flexible and can arrange the interview at a time that suits you. Your participation is very important to us.